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Why Choosing an A/C Service Plan Is a Smart Move

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A home cooling system is a big investment for any homeowner – one that should be protected with regular maintenance by professionals every year. The best way to do that? Choose a comprehensive Air Conditioning Service Plan from a qualified cooling system contractor.

Routine professional maintenance for your cooling system will help you by catching small problems before they require costly cooling repairs, increasing the lifespan of your equipment, and helping your A/C to maintain optimum efficiency, which keeps your energy bills as low as possible. In most cases, professional annual cooling service is also usually required to keep your equipment warrantees up to date.

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Other Benefits Of An A/C Service Plan

Choosing an A/C Service Plan – which includes an annual cooling system tune-up – adds to those benefits in important ways. With a Silver Cooling Plan from Clyde S. Walton, for example, you’ll also get:

  • Discounted repairs – If you need repairs for your cooling equipment, most companies – including Walton- offer discounted or covered repairs as part of the Service Plan (15 percent, in our case).
  • Priority service – This s a big one in Montgomery or Bucks County, where cooling systems work hard for most of the summer. By “skipping the line”, you’ll always be among the first customers to get your life back to normal in the event of an emergency or weather-related complications. Also, you won’t have to pay any overtime rates — something that can be really expensive when you need emergency service.

When you add it all up, a Silver Cooling Plan from Clyde S. Walton is the smart way to go. To see If our plan is right for you, or to sign up for the coming season, contact us today.

Please note: Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, we expect a surge in cooling system maintenance calls that could back us up for weeks. If you need routine cooling maintenance in PA, we strongly suggest that you lock in an appointment time with a deposit so you’ll be early on the list.

And remember: At Clyde S. Walton, your safety and comfort are always our priority. Please see our COVID-19 Service Update Page to learn more about how we are working to keep our crews and your home cooling and heating systems working through this challenging time.

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