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Written on: November 22, 2013

When you are considering having Heating Service done in the Lansdale, PA or surrounding Bucks & Montgomery County Areas, there are some specific items that you should expect to be done.
During a Preventative Maintenance Visit, there are some key checklist items that should be performed, such as:
For Gas & Oil Furnaces/Boilersoil boiler pic 2
– Checking of safety controls, to ensure proper system operation and adjust accordingly to factory specifications.
– Clean & Lubricate Motors and Pumps
– Check airflow and change filters as necessary to provide optimum performance
– Clean the burner assembly and remove dirt/soot from the combustion area of the equipment (if applicable)
– Inspection of heat exchanger for visible cracks
– Perform combustion analysis, and adjust air/fuel ratio as needed to achieve maximum efficiencygas furnace pic

For Heat Pumps
– Inspect and clean inside evaporator coil, condensate traps and lines (if humidifier is present)
– Clean outside coil along with straightening fins to allow for optimum performance of the Heat Pump System
– Check refrigerant levels and add/or remove as necessary to best provide proper operation and efficiency
– Inspect electrical connections and components. Tighten or repair/replace as necessaryheat pump pic

Peace of Mind and Savings are two key outcomes from having Annual Heating Service done. The Peace of Mind allows you to sleep soundly at night, even during the coldest of Winters, knowing that your heating system is operating at it’s current peak performance. Savings comes from identifying potential future costly repairs, that due to system neglect, can certainly impact your wallet greatly. Catching the problems before they turn into bigger $ repairs is worth the annual maintenance in the long run.
Some additional helpful hints can be found on the Energy Star website:


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