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Written on: April 23, 2013

What is the Quietest Air Conditioner you can buy? Why not look for the “Most Efficient & Quiet Single-Stage Air Conditioner you can Buy”?

Look no further than the Lennox, Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC17 Air Conditioner to satisfy your need for Quiet Operation, while taking advantage of Super High Effiency.

Many houses that I see have air conditioners located too close to where you want to sit and relax to enjoy that outdoors. Whether it is enjoying a nice meal with family, or just taking in the day on your time off…the last thing you want to listen to is that old air conditioner just howling away!

To know that solution exists, purely speaks to equipment manufacturers listening to the voice of you, the consumer. Quiet Operation is a Consumer Cue that is deemed as important to the purchasing decision for an air conditioning system. What a novel idea…

Lennox builds in exclusive SilentComfort Technology to the XC17 to ensure that they deliver the Quiet Operation that they test for in every unit. In addition to the unit being quiet, it is also SunSource Solar-Ready, which means that you can add PV Solar Panels to it to further reduce your energy cost, by using Earth’s Natural Resource…the Sun! Don’t forget about Remote Connectivity with the icomfort Home Comfort Control, in which you can access your system remotely from a smart phone or tablet, as long as you have a compatible indoor unit.

So many great innovations from Lennox, make deciding on a new home comfort system very feature-rich. Don’t forget to take advantage of Spring 2013 HVAC Rebates for the XC17 through June 14th, 2013.


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