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Written on: October 17, 2018

We Put the Pro in Propane

Chris and Scott Walton

Dear Friends,

No matter how hard we try to get the news out, many customers still do not realize that we offer propane service. In fact, we’ve been handling propane installations and service for more than a decade now!

Our customers use this versatile and cost-effective fuel in many different ways.

If your home is already equipped for propane, adding new appliances is easy. If you’ve never used propane or you’re not happy with your current propane supplier, we can easily get you set up to use this all-around efficient fuel.

Simply put, we are your local propane experts. Not only do we offer competitive prices and convenient automatic delivery, we also employ certified propane technicians who regularly attend safety-training classes. They can service your appliances; check your tank, lines and valves; and make sure that your propane appliances are properly vented and functioning properly.

Whether you’re using propane or oil to keep your home warm, we urge you to take advantage of our many programs and services, including automatic delivery, monthly payment plans, service plans and equipment maintenance and upgrades.

Whenever you need us, Walton’s is here to help — this season and every season.

Chris and Scott Walton

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