Whole-house humidifier

You’re probably familiar with the small, portable humidifiers that you set up in individual rooms, which are great in a pinch. But if you really want to maintain healthy humidity levels as dry winter air starts to penetrate your house, you’re going to need to think bigger.

A whole-house humidifier takes managing humidity levels in your home to a whole other level. Installed to connect directly with your home heating and cooling system, the humidifier pumps water vapor directly into the air that circulates through your ductwork. To control humidity, you simply dial in levels through your thermostat.

A whole-house humidifier helps you to prevent many of the problems associated with over-dry air, including:

  • Discomfort – Asthma and allergies, dry noses, sore throats, and cracked, itchy skin can all result from over-dry air.
  • Health risks – By drying out mucous membranes, dry air inhibits some of the body’s initial defenses against germs. Some viruses also thrive in low-humidity environments.
  • Reduced energy efficiency – Properly humidified air feels warmer. That means you can set the temperature a few degrees cooler, saving money with no loss in comfort. Dry air feels cooler, so you’ll need to raise temperatures to feel warmer.
  • Property damage – Wood floors, furniture, and artwork can all crack and dry out if humidity isn’t kept at healthy levels.

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