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Written on: February 3, 2014

When you are considering an upgrade to your current heating and air conditioning system, one of the more popular options that comes up in conversation, along with internet research, is the benefits of a Variable Speed fan.

A critical thing to remember is that a Variable Speed Fan does a lot more than just boost the electrical efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump. The term “Comfort” starts to become a reality for consumers that take advantage of this evolving technology. Variable Speed Technology has been available in the residential HVAC marketplace for quite a number of years, and the various industry manufacturing leaders have devloped their offerings to provide the Ultimate in Indoor Home Comfort. xv95 Many of today’s consumers find themselves having to set their thermostats in the air conditioning season to lower temperatures just to feel comfortable, whereas the solution can actually be to remove the correct amount of humidity in the home. That’s where variable speed technology can really excel. The way that the fan slowly ramps up every time the system calls for cooling, it allows the cooling coil to get ice cold. When you couple a cold coil with a low fan speed, the result is a “whicking effect” whereas the moisture is pulled from the home, at a much higher rate than a standard blower found in most homes today. This type of system performance aids to regulate relative humidity levels in your home, which then allows you to increase your temperature setting on the thermostat. The advatages to this are better comfort AND savings from the unit not having to work as hard to keep the house cool. To get an idea of what the proper range is, check out this link from the EPA:

Another great benefit of variable speed technology, is the ability to help address “hot & cold spots” in the home. Setting the Fan to the ON position on the thermostat enables the fan to run at a significantly reduced speed, which in turn allows air to trickle out and recirculate through the home. This also has a dual benefit, to where your temperatures will be more even AND you are constantly filtering the air you breathe.

There is much more to find out about variable speed technology, and consulting with a Trusted Home Comfort Consultant in the Lansdale, PA area of Montgomery County can be a great way to learn more. This type of product offering is always subject to lucrative manufacturer rebates from companies like Trane & Lennox, which makes this option much more affordable today.


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