Spring is here Montgomery and Bucks Counties – and if you suffer from seasonal allergies, that could mean some unpleasant symptoms are here, too. Here are three simple strategies to cut down on your allergy symptoms this spring:

  1. Manage your exposure to allergy triggers
  • Share gardening chores with a non-allergy sufferer
  • Avoid spending too much time outdoors on dry, windy days
  • Quickly change clothing you’ve worn outdoors to avoid bringing pollen indoors
  • Avoid hanging laundry outdoors to dry, since pollen can stick to it
  1. Pay particular attention when high pollen counts are forecast
  • Take allergy medications ahead of time (before your symptoms start)
  • Use your A/C; this will enable you to keep doors and windows closed
  • Avoid time outside in the morning, when pollen counts are highest
  1. Keep your indoor air as allergy free as possible
  • Check your air filter about every 30 days during the cooling season
  • Use a HEPA vacuum to clean floors and rugs
  • Consider adding a whole house air purifier. Your indoor air can be full of allergens and microorganisms that can cause or worsen respiratory issues. Whole house air purifiers can remove most of those problem particles and make a world of difference in your quality of life. Contact us to get a FREE estimate on a whole house air purifier for your Pennsylvania home.

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