Keep your home safe in severe weather

Extreme weather can damage your Pennsylvania home and affect your propane systems – but you can greatly reduce the headaches a storm can bring with a little preparation.

In addition to following propane safety guidelines, here are some ways to prevent problems when Mother Nature unleashes its fury.


  • If you live in a flood prone area, consider using an underground propane tank.
  • If you have an aboveground tank, avoid installing it in a high water area.
  • Anchor aboveground tanks to a concrete pad or blocks.
  • Always protect the regulator vent.
  • Fill your propane tank immediately if severe weather is forecast.
  • Photograph your propane tank nameplate in case the tank floats away.


  • Secure your tank to a concrete pad or blogs – preferably before hurricane season starts (on or about June 1 in the Northeast).
  • Follow the instructions for flood preparedness above.


  • If you live in a tornado-prone area, strongly consider installing an underground propane tank.
  • Anchor aboveground tanks to a concrete pad or blocks.
  • Close all valves before severe weather arrives.

Other severe weather

  • Tank Domes can protect your propane tank’s valves and fittings from hail and debris. To learn more about tank domes, contact us.

Severe weather resources

To learn more about severe weather and preparedness, consider these sources:

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