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You may have already received a mailing about our Price Protection programs. But if you are reading this, why wait to start taking advantage of these convenient, money saving services?

Here is a quick summary of your options:

  • EZ Pay plan with market price: Make your bills more predictable by spreading your fuel costs out over 10 or 12 months, using an estimated price per gallon. With market price, your cost rises or falls with the market. If you choose this option, you also receive a 5¢-per-gallon discount off the market price on the day of your delivery.
  • EZ Pay plan with price cap: With this plan, you also spread your fuel costs out over 10 or 12 months, but at a “capped” price – meaning that you’ll pay either a pre-determined maximum price or the market price on the day of your delivery, whichever is lower. You pay a fee to cover this “downside protection.”
  • Fixed price/Prepay: You lock in a specific price that will not go up or down. No fee is required.
  • Market price: Pay as you go; your price falls or rises with the market. You receive a two percent discount for payments made in full using cash or check within 10 days of delivery.

Three ways to choose your Pricing Plan

Not sure which plan is right for you? We can help! Contact us today with any questions. But do it soon, before prices rise this coming heating season!

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