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Converting from electricity

Propane offers an attractive combination of advantages: It costs less than electricity and it works harder. Because it burns hotter and more evenly than many other fuels, appliances powered by propane use less energy and save money. Besides being one of the most efficient fuels you can use, it’s one of the cleanest too.

Propane delivery pa

Propane is a great alternative to electricity for home heating. When a heat pump is used to warm your home, it uses electricity; plus, a heat pump switches to an electric resistance heater as a backup when outdoor temperatures drop below freezing. It’s a very inefficient way to heat a home.

And considering that electric rates in the area are rising significantly, it makes sense to switch to propane.

Adding propane to your oil-heated home

When you add propane to your home, you’ll not only see the savings add up, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. It may be a good alternative to oil for heating a newly constructed addition to your home. It can also be used for heating water, drying clothes, cooking, fueling backup power generators, heating swimming pools and powering outdoor lights. Finally, propane provides clean-burning flames for your fireplace, and it costs up to 60% less to operate than wood-burning fireplaces.

Switching your propane dealer

If you’re already a propane customer, why not use us as your supplier? Switch to Clyde S. Walton and you’ll receive prompt, reliable deliveries. You’ll also benefit from our expertise in selling, installing and servicing propane tanks and appliances. We’ll be happy to recommend the best uses of propane for you—from home heating to lighting your backyard.

Walton is your number 1 source for propane gas delivery, installation and service in Lansdale, Abington, Norristown, Warminster, Warrington, Horsham, West Norriton and surrounding towns in Montgomery and Bucks counties.

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Walton quote for customer testimonialThe whole team at Walton is terrific from the receptionist to the drivers, to the service people. Dave Henninger came out the same day we called to repair our boiler and was there on time. The repairs were done professionaly and at a fair price. I can't recommend them highly enough. They saved us from a freezing cold Thanksgiving!Walton Inc - ending quote for customer testimonial
— Lansdale, PA
Walton quote for customer testimonialWe have been with Walton for 36 years. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Customer service is great, and they're here right away when you need them.This is a company that takes pride in what they do.Walton Inc - ending quote for customer testimonial
— Dennis A., Lansdale, PA
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