Let Propane Help With Your Fireplace Upgrade

gas fireplace pennsylvaniaMost of us love the warm, inviting glow of a hearth. The problem, if you have a traditional wood-burning fireplace, is how much effort it takes to get just a few hours of enjoyment from it.

But what if you could enjoy that same experience at the touch of a button?

With a propane gas log set, you can.

Propane gas logs offer an efficient, convenient alternative to burning wood if you have an existing brick or concrete mantle. Choose propane gas logs and you’ll:

  • Enjoy one-button convenience – Push a button and voila – instant fire. Push it again and the fire’s out, with no waiting for embers to die down.
  • Cut your heating bills – A new propane fireplace insert is about four times more efficient than one that burns wood, so you’ll spend less money to keep it running. A direct-vent propane fireplace is also an efficient source of supplemental heat that can take some of the load off your central heating system, allowing you to drop the thermostat in your house a few degrees.
  • Stay safer – Open fires pose many dangers, from falling wood to flying embers and blown-back smoke – not to mention creosote buildup in your chimney, which is a major fire hazard (and a costly expense to keep on top of). All of these problems are eliminated with gas logs – just get them professionally maintained once a year and you’ll be good to go.
  • Shrink your carbon footprint – Less fuel needed means less impact on the environment. Propane also burns cleaner than wood, so there are fewer carbon emissions – especially particulates – with a propane fireplace insert.

Want to learn more about propane gas log sets – or propane fireplaces – for your Montgomery County and Bucks County home? Contact Clyde S. Walton today for a FREE estimate on propane hearth installations in Pennsylvania.

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