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Written on: March 20, 2023

What Propane Appliances Can I Use in My Home?

Propane Gives You Many Options

gas appliances montgomery county, pa When you expand your use of propane appliances and rely on Walton’s for propane delivery, you’re going to see the savings.

Because propane is such an efficient fuel, your energy expenses will go down—especially if you replace inefficient electric appliances with propane models. Plus, at Walton’s, if you get both heating oil and propane from us, we reward you with a special “dual fuel” rate so you save money on each fuel delivery.

Keep Your Home Warm with Propane

People in the Keystone State love the comfortable, consistent heat that’s delivered by a propane gas furnace, which produces much higher indoor air temperatures than electric heat pumps. This guarantees that you will stay warm and cozy during chilly winter nights.

Precise Cooking with Propane

People also love the terrific benefits of creating memorable meals with their propane gas stove/cooktop. From more precise cooking control to quicker temperature changes – especially for lowering or shutting off – propane gas is the way to go.

Warm Glow from Propane Fireplaces

If you have an old wood-burning fireplace, it’s easy to convert to a safe, clean-burning propane gas insert.

With a fireplace that runs on propane gas, you’ll never have to get up and put another log on the fire or wait to make sure the fire is extinguished before you go to bed or leave the house.

You’ll get a better value too. With efficiency ratings over 90%, propane fireplaces can offer very efficient space heating to parts of a home. By comparison, traditional wood-burning fireplaces are only about 15% efficient. That’s because wood fireplaces use an open damper, which enables large amounts of heat to escape. In contrast, sealed propane gas fireplaces keep more heat radiating into the room—without any ashes and other mess to clean up.

Dry Your Clothes

Cut your clothes-drying costs in half with a propane-fueled dryer! These units take less time than electric dryers to reach the temperatures needed to dry clothes evenly.

Their moist heat also causes less wear and tear on your clothing, while the heat from electric dryers has been known to burn or discolor fabrics. Once your selected level of dryness is achieved, moisture-sensing controls turn your propane dryer off.

Keep these benefits in mind as you look for the propane dryer that’s right for you—whether it’s for a weekly laundry marathon or the occasional light load.

Propane Keeps the Hot Water Flowing

Propane water heaters offer roughly double the water recovery rate of electric models, yet they typically cost up to 30% less to operate. They take up less space while fueling some of the most efficient water heating technologies currently on the market. Propane water heaters also offer a higher level of accuracy when it comes to temperature adjustment, along with providing more installation choices and size options.

Outdoor Living with Propane

Finally, there are also many ways to enjoy your outdoor living space with propane without breaking your budget. It can be anything from grills, firepits and lighting to patio heaters and pool heaters.

If you already have multiple outdoor propane appliances, ask Walton’s to install a propane gas outlet box. This lets us connect all of your outdoor appliances to your main propane tank. You’ll never worry about running out of propane when you’re hosting a backyard barbecue!

For safe, expert propane deliveries, trust the pros at Walton. Become a customer to start experiencing the Walton difference for yourself! Walton proudly serves Lansdale, Abington, Norristown, Warminster, Warrington, Horsham, West Norriton and surrounding towns in Montgomery and Bucks counties.

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