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Written on: October 20, 2016

Cat resting on the floor

There are few luxuries more satisfying than having a warm floor underfoot on a cold day (just ask your pet) – and only one home heating system can deliver that luxury: radiant floor heating.

But a radiant floor heating system brings more than luxury to the table (or floor) – it delivers several benefits that virtually no other home heating system can match, including:

  1. Lower energy bills – In addition to heating the air, radiant floor heating warms the surfaces of objects in the room. The best part about that? It allows people in the room to feel comfortable at room temperatures three to five degrees lower than with other methods of heating, which means you’ll spend less on your monthly energy bill. Radiant heat systems are also typically 10-20 percent more efficient than other heating systems, saving you even more.
  2. Better placement flexibility – No one wants to look at a radiator or vents – or to have to arrange their furniture to accommodate them. With a radiant heat system, you won’t have those limitations.
  3. Better resistance to allergies – Studies show that there is a 50 to 80 percent reduction in the dust mite population in houses with radiant heating – mostly because radiant heating doesn’t blow dust and dirt around the room.
  4. Durability – A radiant floor heating system is nearly as indestructible as the concrete that houses it.
  5. Pet-friendliness – Pets love warm floors – and they will love you for providing them!

If you want to enjoy warm floors this winter, now is the time to get started – contact Walton today to get started with a FREE estimate on a radiant floor heating system for your home!

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