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Written on: June 13, 2013

This week we had a new Clyde S. Walton full system installation in North Wales, PA. This system featured the Lennox XC14 air conditioner & the EL296V high efficiency gas furnace as the main components. This matched system provides not only high efficiency heating & cooling, but quiet operation inside and outside of the home.
Here are some pictures from the job this week:

The crew hard at work, installing the new refrigerant lines.installers working A lot goes into a new system installation, and the dedication and hard work of the Walton Team, really shines through on every job.

To the right is a picture of the initial placement of the new XC14 Lennox air conditioner on Day 1. new xc14 install pic Clean and tidy right from the start. It really speaks to quality and care of the workmanship from your Trusted Home Comfort Provider.

Here is a shot of the new EL296V Lennox furnace (below) that is matched to the system.

el296v pic We removed an old inefficient chimney vented furnace with this upgrade to 96% efficiency and 2-stages of heating, to maximize utility savings for the homeowner.
Since it doesn’t appear that our utility costs in the area will go down any time soon, especially when it is anticipated at an annual escalation rate of 1% every year, it is becoming a very viable option to upgrade that old inefficient system to something newer along with the great warranties that come along with it.

Finally, you can hear the quiet operation of the Lennox XC14 Air Conditioner with it’s special sound cover inside, it provides not only great efficiency but quiet operation as well. This is particularly important when the unit is located near a deck, patio, or even outside of a bedroom. The less you can hear, the better. Follow us on Youtube! Clyde S. Walton YouTube Page

The Walton Team

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