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Written on: December 6, 2016

Money in a wallet

If your home was built in or before the mid 1990s and it still has its original heating oil tank, you’re probably due – or even overdue – for a replacement.

We see it every year: a customer thinks that because his tank looks OK, it is OK. But that’s not necessarily true: a tank with no visible leaks or rust can still fail because heating oil tanks typically corrode from the inside out. That means that your tank can fail without warning, leaving you with a potentially expensive mess to clean up.

It’s simply not worth the risk.

If you already know – or even suspect – that your tank needs to be replaced, now is the perfect time. For a limited time, we can replace your old oil tank with a new double walled model that’s virtually leak-proof – AND give you an instant $250 rebate for your trouble! If you get a new tank, we’ll remove your old one bring your fuel lines up to code to provide further leak protection.

Contact us today to learn about your replacement options and we’ll start off by providing you with a FREE tank inspection using an an ultrasonic metal scanner to measure the thickness of your tank. This is a limited time offer, so call today!

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