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How many ways are you using propane in your PA home?

Statistics show that most people who have tried propane gas to heat their homes love it, and it’s easy to understand why: propane is efficient, clean burning, and allows us to tread a little more lightly on the planet.

But why stop at saving 30 percent or more when operating your furnace or boiler when propane can provide the same great benefits throughout your Pennsylvania home?

Consider these potential uses of propane:

  • Water heating – Propane water heaters can save 30 percent or more on your water heating bills – up to 50 percent if you choose a tankless propane water heater model. That’s a big deal considering that heating water can account for as much as 20 percent of your monthly energy bill.
  • Clothes drying – Propane clothes dryers are almost twice as efficient as electric models; they also produce less static, which means your clothes will last longer.
  • Cooking – Propane gas ranges and cooktops offer precision temperature control and more efficient operation than their electric counterparts, and propane outdoor grills provide far greater convenience and temperature control than charcoal BBQs.
  • Hearths and stoves – With a propane fireplace, gas log set or fireplace insert, you will get the warm glow of a fire at the flick of a switch, with no set-up or clean up hassles. You’ll also get a heat source that’s about four times more efficient than wood burning.
  • Whole house backup generators – Power outages are more common – and more dangerous – than ever. With a whole house propane backup generator, you’ll not only keep the lights on, you will also keep your sump pump, home medical equipment, security system, refrigerator, and heating system or cooling system up and running. That kind of protection could save you thousands of dollars in damage, and it could even save a life.

The bottom line: Propane can really add to your quality of life at home. Why not explore the possibilities for yourself? You may even qualify for a volume discount to save on every gallon of propane you buy – contact us today to learn more.

Propane – the quality of life fuel! Contact Walton today to see what propane can do for you in the year ahead.

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