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Written on: September 5, 2013

The question of “how important is filtation for my heating and air conditioning system?”, tends to be one that is commonly overlooked. Considering that the Indoor Air Quality in your home is the only environment that YOU can actually control. Most consumers are exposed to solutions through the Big Box Channel of retailers that provide a plethora of options that unfortunately cannot be supported with data to prove that they are actually impacting your home environment. 3m filter The more confusing aspect of filtration selection is the industry jargon, such as MERV Ratings and what those numbers mean. Luckily, the EPA has provided some very good information to educate consumers on what to look for, and what to expect from different types of filters. Please click on link: is the Performance Measured. Some of the leading manufacturers of filtration products try to sum it up by saying that a typical inexpensive 1″ fiberglass filter essentially barely protects your equipment, whereas stepping up to a MERV 10 Media Filter, will protect your equipment, and do an effective job of protecting your health. When you upgrade to as much as a MERV 16 Media Filter, HC16 picyou are approaching “near HEPA quality” filtration, which is providing the best filtration money can buy, without breaking the bank with a completely engineered system, that can cost thousands of dollars. Companies such as Lennox, through their Healthy Climate Solutions line, along with Aprilaire, have been on the cutting edge of providing affordable indoor air quality solutions for consumers over the last number of years. The Trusted Home Comfort Consultants at Clyde S. Walton support this technology, and strive to promote high end filtration on every job, to enure that our customer’s needs are met. Your health is important to us.
The Lennox Healthy Climate Carbon Clean 16 Media Air Cleaners is one of those innovative products that provides some of the highest efficiencies in filtration, along with providing only annual replacement of the filter. This means that you don’t need to battle with changing your filter every month, let alone remember to change it. If someone in your home suffers from asthma or allergies, there is a premium product on the market which can address the more sensitive sufferers, called the PureAir™ Whole Home Air Purification System. pureair Your best defense against poor indoor air quality that utilizes MERV 16 Filtration and uses exclusive UVA-light technology to attack all three classes of indoor air contaminants–particles, mold/mildew/bacteria and odors/chemical vapors. It not only reduces, but also destroys ozone, a known lung irritant.
No matter what the scenario, you can rest assured that the Team at Walton, Inc. will provide the proper recommendations and guidance for your home environment.

As we come into the Fall/Winter Season, staying indoors tends to be more common. Is your home filtration performing the way you want it to? Don’t hesitate to call your Montgomery & Bucks County, PA professionals at Clyde S. Walton, Inc. for the best recommendations.


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