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Written on: December 17, 2019


Many of our customers are surprised when they learn that the quality of the air inside their home can contain more pollution than outdoor air. When you insulate your home to keep in cool or heated air, you’re trapping pollutants and airborne impurities inside too.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are various air-cleaning systems that can improve your home’s air quality. One option is a whole-house air purifier.

Easily installed inside your ductwork, an air purifier re-creates the natural effects of ultraviolet sun rays to “sanitize” the air, lowering levels of bacteria, mold spores and viruses in your home. It will also eliminate harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and even cooking odors.

Purifying your indoor air is especially important if you or members of your family have respiratory issues or other health problems. For maximum results, you can combine a UV air purifier with a high-efficiency air-filtration system, which will capture dust and other airborne particles.

Please visit the Indoor Air Quality page to learn more about the indoor-air-quality products we offer.

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