Propane delivery for Bucks & Montgomery County, PA

You can count on prompt and reliable service from Clyde S. Walton!

Want to convert your electric-powered home to clean, green and efficient propane? Need to add propane powered appliances or space heating in your home remodel, or switch to a better propane provider?

propane delivery in bucks county

When it comes to all things propane, Walton delivers – on time, at fair prices, and always with safely in mind.

Expert propane delivery and services available

Walton offers affordable propane gas delivery – including Automatic Delivery – in the Montgomery and Bucks County areas, with experienced drivers trained to deliver the fuel to your home safely and efficiently.

We also offer pricing plans to make your propane even more affordable, along with a Propane Service Plan to keep all your propane equipment running at peak efficiency.

Make Walton your propane supplier

Looking for a new propane supplier? We can help. We’ll make the switch painless for you so you can start enjoying our reliable deliveries and second-to-none customer service.

Add propane equipment to your oil-heated home

Propane is a great alternative to heating oil if you’re planning a house addition – or if you’re looking for a clean burning, high-efficiency alternative fuel to power your water heater, clothes dryer, backup power generators, or pool heater (or even your fireplace)!

If you think having a two-fuel home is right for you – or would like to explore the possibility – let us know.

Propane conversions: Six reasons to switch

More than 14 million families across the US use propane – or liquefied petroleum gas (LP-gas) – to power their homes. Why switch from electricity to propane? Here are six great reasons:

  1. It’s efficient – Some propane-powered appliances can double the efficiency of their electric equivalent. The bottom line: propane works harder, burns hotter, an saves you money compared to electricity.
  2. It’s versatile – Propane can cook your food, heat your home, power your outdoor lighting, add a warm glow to your fireplace, and even extend your swimming season – all from a single, easy to maintain propane tank.
  3. It’s green – Propane emits far fewer greenhouse gases than coal-fired electricity does – in fact, propane is one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels.
  4. It’s safe – The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) strictly regulates propane handling, so very few accidents occur each year with propane equipment.
  5. It’s made in the U.S.A. – Just about all the propane used in the U.S. is produced right in our own back yard.
  6. It works! You’ll enjoy the comfort, convenience and cost savings that propane delivers – not to mention the versatility of having all your appliances linked to one source of fuel!

For safe, expert propane deliveries, trust the pros at Walton. Contact us today to start experiencing the Walton difference for yourself! Walton proudly serves Lansdale, Abington, Norristown, Warminster, Warrington, Horsham, West Norriton and surrounding towns in Montgomery and Bucks counties.

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