Propane Safety

Propane has a remarkable safety record, due in large part to the stringent codes and regulations developed by the propane industry and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

  • Propane won’t ignite when combined with air unless the source of ignition reaches 940º F.
  • Propane gas is nontoxic and produces minimal emissions.
  • Propane is not harmful to soil or water.

There are a few basic guidelines, however, that you should know in order to ensure safe use of propane:

  • Become familiar with the smell of propane so you can detect leaks. Since propane is naturally odorless, a substance called ethyl mercaptan is added to it to give it a distinctive “skunky” odor.
  • Any time you smell propane around your home, call us—day or night. Our staff will ask you a few questions to assess the situation and then instruct you on what to do.
  • Any work done on equipment related to propane should be done by a professional. We have a dedicated staff of certified and experienced propane technicians.

What to do if you smell gas:

  • If you smell gas when you’re using stove burners, see if the burners are obstructed.
  • If all your appliances are turned off, your gas line may be leaking. If you feel it’s safe to do so, turn off the main gas valve on your propane tank.
  • If the gas is coming out of the relief valve forcefully, DO NOT turn the gas valve off.  If the pressure isn’t released, the tank might burst. Report the problem to us immediately and notify your neighbors about the situation so they can also follow the following precautions.

Whenever you smell gas:

  • DO NOT light any matches, cigarette lighters or start anything that creates a spark (lawn mower, automobile, dryer, etc.).
  • DO NOT use your telephone, turn lights on or off, or even use a flashlight. They can all create sparks.
  • Call us and alert the fire department from a neighbor’s phone, or get far enough away from your home and call us on your cell phone. Remember to tell the customer service representative what phone number you can be reached at.

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