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Heating Oil Storage Tanks in Bucks & Montgomery County, PA

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There are many misconceptions about oil storage tanks. Tanks can last for decades but, like other long-lasting, durable components of your home, eventually need to be replaced. If it’s time to replace your aboveground storage tank, you should know that today’s tanks are marvels of technology, designed to last for decades.

An onsite heating oil tank has many benefits:

Enjoy maximum production with a Granby EcoGard

We proudly install and service oil storage tanks from industry leader Granby.

The Granby Ecogard Tank offers total peace of mind with such features as:

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Common heating oil tank questions and answers

  1. Where should I put my new aboveground tank?
    Because heating oil is biodegradable and safe to store inside the home, you can put your new leak-proof tank in a basement, closet or garage. You can also put it outside, near your house, garage, or outdoor space.
  2. What options do I have for testing my underground tank?
    Pressure or vacuum tests are reliable, but they can put stress on the tank; if improperly performed, they can also cause leaks. Computerized sonic or ultrasound methods are gaining popularity because they don’t put stress on the tank. Another method is to test the soil around the tank; soil borings are noninvasive and, in our area, tend to be less expensive than other test methods.
  3. Are underground tanks subject to federal regulations?
    No, there are no current federal laws governing active, underground, residential storage tanks for heating oil.

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