Automatic fuel delivery

Let Walton manage deliveries to prevent oil run-outs

When you’re on automatic fuel delivery, we manage your fuel deliveries so you don’t have to. You have one less thing to worry about with automatic fuel delivery in Bucks and Montgomery counties. We keep track of your fuel use so we know when you need an automatic fuel delivery. Instead of having to call us every time you need more oil, you won’t have to do a thing. We fill your tank automatically!

Automatic heating oil delivery paEven if a nor’easter—or a big snowstorm with blizzard conditions—is on the way, or if we’re gripped by a prolonged cold spell, we’re ready. We plan extra deliveries so you have plenty of fuel in plenty of time. At other times, when temperatures are more moderate and you use less fuel, the time between deliveries is longer.

Automatic delivery is easy, convenient and FREE! If you’re not using it, you’re missing out!

Here are common questions we receive about automatic delivery:

Q: Won’t I go through more oil if I have automatic delivery?

A: No. Contrary to this common misconception about automatic deliveries, you don’t use more oil. We can only replace what you’ve already used. Think of your oil tank like a teapot—when it’s full, it’s full!

Q: Do you make deliveries when heating oil prices are highest?

A: Absolutely not! Daily changes in wholesale prices make this impossible, not to mention that we’d have to reschedule and juggle our delivery routes. Besides, if we delayed deliveries, people would run out of fuel. That’s what we’re trying to prevent!

Q: How do you know when I need more fuel?

A: Our computerized tracking system contains your fuel-use history, as well as day-to-day temperatures, which we measure by a special calculation called degree-days. Based on this information, we know when your tank is around one-quarter full, and that’s when we’ll schedule your delivery.

Q: What’s wrong with watching my tank myself?

A: Nothing, but here are three reasons why you may prefer automatic delivery instead:

  • If your tank gauge is faulty, you could get a false reading. A gauge costs about $50 and should be replaced if it can no longer give you an accurate measurement. It’s like replacing your blood pressure monitor.
  • If you have an underground tank, you have to keep “sticking” the tank (inserting a long stick into it) to check your fuel level.
  • If a sudden cold snap hits, you could use more fuel than usual without realizing it. Before you know it, you could have an empty tank.

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