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Written on: January 25, 2016

Tankless water heaters fit in tight spaces!

Tankless water heaters fit in tight spaces!

Talk about comfort! Propane is a quick, efficient and affordable way to heat as much water as you need, whether it’s for your shower, dishwasher, washing machine or spa tub. There’s nothing like starting your morning with a long, hot shower without ever worrying about running out.

If you’re ready to replace your water heater, please talk to us about your options. One important note: If you have an old tank water heater tucked inside a closet, alcove or other tight space, you may not be able to replace it with another tank water heater. Today’s water heaters have grown at least two inches in both height and width because of new water heating efficiency standards.

You can overcome these space constraints by choosing a propane tankless water heater, a compact unit that hangs on a wall.

Since a tankless system can average a flow rate of hundreds of gallons per hour, you’ll never have to worry about your family running out of hot water!

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