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Written on: January 28, 2019


Many of us love surprises, but not when it comes to paying for repairs.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: you bring your car to the mechanic for what you are told will be a $200 repair – only to find a $400 bill waiting for you at pickup because the job took twice as long as expected.

We’ve all been there.

The good news is you will never have that kind of unwelcomed surprise waiting for you when you choose Clyde S. Walton for your heating equipment repairs. That’s because all our work is billed by the job, not by the hour – a process we call flat-rate pricing.

With flat-rate pricing from Walton, we set the cost of your heating system repair using prices set by our industry, using a book that lists standard rates for every possible furnace, boiler, heat pump, or water heater repair. With flat rate pricing, we can tell you exactly how much your fix will cost before we ever start the job – that way you can choose to accept or refuse the repair, with no surprise add-ons in the end.

Flat rate pricing is just one way Walton works to make your life easier and more predictable (in a good way) – for other ways, consider our comprehensive heating and cooling service plans, which include discounted repairs, priority service calls, and more for your heating oil-, propane-, or natural gas-fired equipment. Or how about our convenient fuel delivery services, which include FREE automatic delivery (no more run-outs!) and EZ Pay (get the same bill every month no matter how crazy the weather gets here in Pennsylvania!).

The bottom line: When it comes to home heating (and cooling) your Montgomery or Bucks County-area home, predictable is good – and predictability is just what you will get when you become a Clyde S. Walton customer.

For expert heating equipment repairs without the drama and surprises, trust the pros at Clyde S. Walton. Contact us today to learn more!

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