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Written on: April 12, 2018

Flipping calendar

Now that the “anything can happen” winter of 2017-18 is finally behind us, it’s a perfect time to look at ways to make next winter a little easier for you and your family.

Here are five suggestions:

  1. Update your contact info. As unpredictable as weather is these days, it’s a really good idea to make sure we have your current preferred email and phone number. “Like” us on Facebook, too – that way, if phones are down we can still get important information out to you.
  2. Choose automatic fuel delivery. With FREE automatic fuel delivery, you’ll get priority service – an important benefit in the event of sudden, severe weather. With automatic delivery, we’ll make sure you’re fueled up and ready for any weather. Contact us today to enroll.
  3. Enroll in EZ Pay. With our EZ Pay monthly budget program, you’ll put an end to unwanted fuel bill surprises by splitting your annual fuel cost into 12 equal, predictable monthly payments. Imagine paying the same amount every month no matter how much heating oil you use! Enrollment for EZ Pay is currently underway – contact us today to enroll for the year ahead.

    Consider price protection, too: it can protect against fuel price surges when temperatures plunge.

  4. Service your equipment. Routine maintenance keeps heating equipment running at peak efficiency and prevents most of the problems that lead to breakdowns. If you want the best value for your dollar, sign up for a Heating Oil Service Plan, which includes a tune-up plus repair discounts, priority service, and more. Spring is the perfect time to get your annual heating system tune-up out of the way – beat the fall rush and contact us today for an appointment.
  5. Make sensible upgrades. Even if you maintain it well, your older equipment won’t match up to today’s high efficiency heating equipment. You could save as much as 30 percent on your annual fuel costs with a high efficiency heating system upgrade – enough to offset the cost of your equipment in just a few years, especially when you consider incentives and manufacturers rebates.

Don’t fight winter – be ready for it! Take advantage of convenient services from Clyde S. Walton to help make next winter a walk in the park. Contact us today to learn more.

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