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Written on: January 21, 2019

Fair Billing Brings Peace of Mind


If you need your refrigerator repaired or you bring your car to the mechanic, you never know for certain what you’re going to pay in the end. A $200 estimate could easily turn into a $400 bill because the job took twice as long as expected.

We know you don’t want that kind of surprise. That’s why with our billing procedures we can charge you by the job, not by the hour. We call this flat-rate pricing.

We use an industry-approved flat-rate price book, which lists competitive prices for every possible repair. We can tell you exactly how much your repair will cost before we start the job. You can then either accept or decline the repair.

For additional peace of mind and savings, consider one of our service plans, which cover oil, propane and natural gas heating systems as well as electric heat pumps and central air conditioning units. We have a range of budget-friendly options to suit every type of system, old or new.

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