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Written on: August 30, 2021

Make Heating Season Easier With These Free Services!

payment choices pennsylvaniaAs we cope with the soupy heat and humidity of summer 2021 here in Pennsylvania, your heating bills are probably the last thing on your mind. But making some decisions now about how you pay for your heating oil this fall and winter could save you money and headaches in the months to come.

If you aren’t already enrolled, now is a great time to get familiar with the great FREE service options available to you when you become a Clyde S. Walton customer. Here is a quick summary of six options to make the heating season easier in 2021/22.

  1. Automatic Deliveries – Switch to automatic deliveries to reduce your risk of a run-out. We’ll base your delivery schedule on your average fuel usage in past years, combined with the current weather. There is no fee for this service.
  2. EZ Pay – EZ Pay lets you spread out your annual fuel costs over the course of a year with no fees or finance charges. You’ll get predictable bills and peace of mind, plus a five-cent per gallon discount on the market price on the day of your delivery.
  3. Prepay Fixed Price – Purchase your fuel in advance with Prepay Price Protection and you’ll lock in your per-gallon cost for the season. You’ll pay the same price for all your gallons, no matter what the market price for heating oil does.
  4. AutoPay – With AutoPay, we’ll bill your credit card or collect an EFT/ACH payment from you on the same day each month. That means no more stamps to buy, no checks to mail, and no more worries about misplaced invoices or late payments.
  5. Paperless billing – Request paperless billing via email and you’ll reduce paper clutter while having files you can organize electronically.
  6. Online Account Management – Register for online account access at Clyde S. Walton and you’ll be able to make payments, lock in your pricing, enroll in service plans, and more.

Isn’t life hard enough these days? Let us take some of the pressure off this fall and winter with FREE and easy services to simplify your seasons. Contact us today to learn more, and remember: Clyde S. Walton – We’ll take care of it!

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