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Written on: October 28, 2019

What is the best propane fireplace to choose?

propane fireplaces pennsylvaniaNothing beats sitting by a warm fire on a cold Pennsylvania night – except possibly doing it at the push of a button without having to gather wood or clean up afterwards. That push-button convenience is exactly what you get when you install a propane hearth.

The question is, how do you pick the perfect propane hearth for your home? Here are some basics to get you started.

Choosing A Propane Hearth

The most basic question you’ll have to answer when choosing a propane hearth is what type of device you want. There are two basic categories of propane hearths:

Other Gas Hearth Questions To Ask

Once you choose the type of hearth feature you want, you will have to answer several other questions, including:

  1. How is it vented? There are three common venting options: direct, natural, and vent-free. The one that is most practical and safe will depend on conditions in your home, local fire and safety requirements, and your budget.
  2. How large should it be? The size of a gas fireplace will often determine how much heat it can produce. You’ll need to know how much space you can spare for a fireplace – and how much heat you will need to warm the room. A good starting point to keep in mind for space heating in our region is to plan for 45-50 BTUs per square foot; for a more precise heating load assessment, ask one of our experts.
  3. What should it look like? There are many trim features and options available for your fireplace – from simple modern to more classic designs. If you choose a propane log set, you’ll have dozens of realistic wood designs to choose from!

Our experts can help you answer these questions and any others you might have so you can get started on the road to your dream hearth.

Come home to a roaring fire at the flick of a switch this fall and winter – contact Walton today to get started on the road to a propane hearth for your Montgomery or Bucks County home.

Already have a propane hearth, space heater, or heating system? Make sure you have enough propane to keep those fires roaring all season long with reliable propane deliveries from Walton! Contact us today to learn more, or to become a Clyde S. Walton customer.

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