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Written on: December 17, 2019

Nicole and Everlee

This summer, we invited our sales coordinator, Nicole Glase, to pioneer our Bring Your Baby to Work pilot program, which we hope to implement company-wide soon.

Nicole gave birth to her daughter, Everlee, on June 25 and returned to work with her newborn after a six-week maternity leave.

“When Walton’s approached me and asked if I would like to do this, I was overjoyed! We are saving a lot of money on day care but more importantly, I do not have to be away from my baby for long periods of time.”

Nicole created her own mini day care center in our sales office, adding a pack and play, activity gym and a swing.

“If something arises where I need to step away, Tara and Caity have volunteered to be my backups,” she says. “Everyone has been so supportive. The technicians and drivers always like to stop by and coo at Everlee.”

Nicole credits a lot of the success to Everlee, who is her first child.

“She is such a good baby, with a great temperament,” says Nicole. “She is the one who is making this program such a success. And of course, I am so grateful to the Walton family for being so progressive and supporting a family-first culture.”

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