Five Ways an HVAC Service Plan Saves You Money

hvac equipment service pennsylvaniaHeating and cooling systems are big investments for any homeowner, and the most important way to protect those investments is to have them professionally maintained every year. The best way to do that? Choose a comprehensive Service Plan from Clyde S. Walton.

Why choose a Service Plan for your equipment? Consider these great benefits:

  • Longer equipment lifespan – Replacing an air conditioner or heating system is costly – why do it any earlier than you have to? Routine maintenance – included with your Service Plan – will prevent overwork and poor equipment function, both of which reduce its lifespan.
  • Lower energy bills – An overworked or poorly functioning HVAC system will operate inefficiently, which will drive up energy costs. With a Service Plan, your technician will keep your system working as efficiently as possible to keep your energy costs at a minimum.
  • Fewer equipment breakdowns – About 80 percent of HVAC equipment breakdowns occur due to lack of maintenance and regular inspections. With a Service Plan for your A/C, furnace, boiler or heat pump, you’ll get that regular maintenance at a fraction of the price of a full breakdown repair or replacement.
  • Discounted or covered repairs – If you need repairs for your heating or cooling equipment, a Service Plan offers discounted or covered repairs on the most commonly worn out parts of your system.
  • Continued warrantee coverage – In most cases, routine professional maintenance is required to keep warranty coverage in force for your home comfort equipment; without professional service, you run the risk of losing that coverage, which means you’ll pay for any equipment repairs – even those normally covered by warranty – out of pocket.

Priority Service: Another Great Benefit of a Walton Service Plan

One last benefit that a Service Plan offers – and it’s a big one in a place like the North Penn area, where heating systems work hard in the winter – is that you get priority service compared to non-service agreement customers. By “skipping the line”, you’ll always be among the first customers to get your life back to normal in the event of an emergency- or weather-related complications.

Take care of your heating and cooling equipment with a comprehensive Service Plan from Clyde S. Walton. Contact us today to learn more about Service Plans for your propane, heating oil or natural gas heating equipment, plus your air conditioner, heat pump, and more!

Power Your Outdoor Lifestyle With Propane

backyard propane appliances pennsylvaniaIf you’re a Clyde S. Walton propane customer, you probably already know how versatile, eco-friendly, and efficient propane gas is. But did you know that it can also grow your house?

Well, sort of.

One of the best ways to use propane in your Pennsylvania isn’t actually in your Pennsylvania home – it’s outside, where clean, green propane can turn your outdoor space into a luxurious “room” during the warm weather months.

Consider the propane possibilities for outdoor living this summer:

  • Propane patio heaters – Keep your guests comfortable on cool nights well into the fall with a propane patio heater. From full-size standing models to portable units, you can find the right-sized heater for any outdoor heating task.
  • Propane mosquito magnets – Imagine a mosquito-free yard without the noxious smells or obnoxious sounds of sprays and zappers – that’s what you get when you install a propane mosquito magnet (here’s how it works…pretty cool, huh?).
  • Propane grills – When it comes to outdoor cooking, nothing beats the precision temperature control of propane. Make a built-in grill the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen – or add a propane smoker for perfect smoked meat and veggies without the wood- or coal-burning hassles.
  • Propane pool heaters – The only thing that beats a cool dip on a hot day is a warm dip on a cool evening – or soaking in a propane-heated spa at the end of a long work day. If you want to keep your pool water warm in any weather, skip the solar heaters and heat pumps – gas heats water best.
  • Propane-powered lighting  – Propane lights are available in just about any size and style – from tiki torches to modern fixtures. No more wires or stinky candles – just flick a switch and your lamps are lit for the night.
  • Propane hearths – Imagine sitting by a fire under the stars – without leaving your backyard! You fire pit or fire table will add flare and warmth to your outdoor space without the fuss of firewood.

Power your outdoor kitchen, hearth, pool and more with reliable propane delivery in Lansdale, Norristown, Abington, Horsham, Harleysville, Warminster, Warrington, West Norriton, Quakertown and nearby areas in Montgomery County and Bucks County, PA. Contact us today to become a Clyde S. Walton propane customer!

What Is The Anode Rod In My Water Heater?

anode rod replacement pennsylvaniaYou have to hand it to the people who design water heaters.

Knowing that steel and water don’t mix very well over time, they came up with an ingenious solution when they set out to create modern water heaters: the anode rod.

What does an anode rod do? Well, first keep in mind that conditions inside a water tank create a “perfect storm” for corrosion – not only does steel decay in water, but heat, the slight acidity of household water, and an environment of electrical conductivity all accelerate the process. Without some way to slow corrosion, a steel tank would rot in just a couple of years.

Enter the anode rod.

Spoil The Rod, Spare The tank

The anode rod is a thin tube – typically about 30 inches long – made of magnesium or aluminum. When placed in contact with water, the rod starts to corrode more quickly than other metals (to put it more technically – or chemically – the bonds between the molecules of magnesium and aluminum give up their electrons quicker than the bonds in steel or iron).

As a result, when you place a magnesium/aluminum anode rod into a steel tank filled with water, corrosive oxygen will be attracted to the anode rod rather than to the tank itself; the anode rod is often referred to as the “sacrificial rod” for this reason.

A typical anode rod will last about five years depending on the volume of water that circulates through the tank; if you use a water softener, that window shrinks considerably.

Did you know that Clyde S. Walton checks the anode rod as part of your routine water heater inspection? It’s true! If it’s been a while since you last had your water heater serviced by a professional, give us a call today to schedule water heater maintenance in Montgomery and Bucks County, PA!

Let Propane Help With Your Fireplace Upgrade

gas fireplace pennsylvaniaMost of us love the warm, inviting glow of a hearth. The problem, if you have a traditional wood-burning fireplace, is how much effort it takes to get just a few hours of enjoyment from it.

But what if you could enjoy that same experience at the touch of a button?

With a propane gas log set, you can.

Propane gas logs offer an efficient, convenient alternative to burning wood if you have an existing brick or concrete mantle. Choose propane gas logs and you’ll:

  • Enjoy one-button convenience – Push a button and voila – instant fire. Push it again and the fire’s out, with no waiting for embers to die down.
  • Cut your heating bills – A new propane fireplace insert is about four times more efficient than one that burns wood, so you’ll spend less money to keep it running. A direct-vent propane fireplace is also an efficient source of supplemental heat that can take some of the load off your central heating system, allowing you to drop the thermostat in your house a few degrees.
  • Stay safer – Open fires pose many dangers, from falling wood to flying embers and blown-back smoke – not to mention creosote buildup in your chimney, which is a major fire hazard (and a costly expense to keep on top of). All of these problems are eliminated with gas logs – just get them professionally maintained once a year and you’ll be good to go.
  • Shrink your carbon footprint – Less fuel needed means less impact on the environment. Propane also burns cleaner than wood, so there are fewer carbon emissions – especially particulates – with a propane fireplace insert.

Want to learn more about propane gas log sets – or propane fireplaces – for your Montgomery County and Bucks County home? Contact Clyde S. Walton today for a FREE estimate on propane hearth installations in Pennsylvania.

Non-Business Energy Property Tax Credits have been retroactively extended from 12/31/2017 through 12/31/2021.

Tax Credits:
Air Source Heat Pumps and Central Air Conditioning – $300

Gas, Propane, or Oil Hot Water Boilers and Furnaces – $150

Gas, Oil or Propane Hot Water Heater or Electric Heat Pump Water Heater – $300

Advanced Main Air Circulating Fan – $50

Qualifying systems only. Must be an existing home & your principal residence. New construction and rentals do not apply. Other terms and conditions may apply. Click here for more details.

Valid through 12/31/2021

I’ve Lost Heat In My Home – What Should I Do?

heating repair pennsylvaniaAfter a slow start, winter has returned with a vengeance here in Pennsylvania, and your heating system has no doubt been working hard to keep your family comfortable as temperatures drop. But what should you do if you awaken to find that your furnace or boiler has stopped working?

The short answer is don’t panic – heating experts at Clyde S. Walton are here for you with 24/7 emergency heating service in PA. But before you contact us for a heating repair, it’s a good idea to troubleshoot your problem and potentially save yourself the cost and inconvenience of an unnecessary house call.

4 Things To Do When Your Heat Goes Out

If you lose your heat, please try these four things to try before you call for service:

  1. Check to see if you have enough propane or heating oil in your tank (you should have at least an eighth of a tank; if you want to avoid the risk of runouts altogether, sign up for FREE automatic delivery).
  2. Make sure all emergency valves or switches are in their “on” or “start” positions.
  3. Check the circuit breaker that controls your heating system; look for a tripped breaker and replace or reset if you need to.
  4. Confirm that your thermostat is set for “heat” and that it is set at least five degrees above the current room temperature. Note for customers with warm air systems (a system with a furnace and vents): If you adjust the thermostat and the fan doesn’t start, it could indicate that your burner is not igniting. Press the reset button on the burner only once; if it does not reset, contact us for service.

If you take all four of the above steps and your heat still doesn’t work, contact us and we will send a technician to figure out the problem, and to make it right as quickly as possible.

For fast heating repairs done right – or for high-value service plans that can catch many potential heating issues before they turn into costly problems – nobody beats Clyde S. Walton. Contact us today for expert heating service in Landsdale, PA and surrounding communities!

How Long Will An Oil Storage Tank Last?

how long oil tanks last pennsylvaniaA heating oil tank is built…well, like a tank. But that doesn’t mean it will last forever.

How long should a heating oil tank last? The answer to that question depends on a lot of factors, including:

  • The thickness of its walls
  • Whether it is single or double walled
  • What materials it’s made from
  • Whether it is installed inside, outside, or underground
  • What kind of environment the tank has been exposed to
  • How well the tank has been maintained

The good news is that modern heating oil storage tanks have come a long way from designs of the past, offering virtually leak-proof performance for decades. Let’s take a closer look at modern oil storage tanks, and why they’re worth the investment if you’re ready for a heating oil tank upgrade.

Modern Oil Tank Construction: Double Walls, More Than Double Life Span

In the past, oil tanks were constructed almost exclusively from steel, which were prone to internal corrosion in the presence of condensation (water). Steel tanks are still available today, but they are built to a much higher standard than in the past.

To get a better idea of the range of lifespans for today’s single-wall steel heating oil tanks, here’s a summary from

Indoor tanks

Steel tank, 14-gauge, single wall, connected at tank end wall 15 years
Steel tank, 14-gauge, single wall, connected at tank bottom 20 years
Steel tank, 12-gauge, single wall, connected at tank end wall 20 years
Steel tank, 12-gauge, single wall, connected at tank bottom 25 years

Outdoor tanks

Steel tank, 14-gauge, single wall, connected at tank end wall 10 years
Steel tank, 14-gauge, single wall, connected at tank bottom 15 years
Steel tank, 12-gauge, single wall, connected at tank end wall 15 years
Steel tank, 12-gauge, single wall, connected at tank bottom 20 years

The most significant changes in oil tank design in recent years, however, have come in the use of alternative construction materials, including fiberglass and polyethylene plastic. These materials are often used as the inner lining of a double-walled storage tank; when combined with leak detection technology, these materials make today’s oil storage tanks virtually leak-proof.

Plastic and double walled oil storage tanks also last significantly longer than their all-steel, single wall counterparts. Here are sample projected lifespans for fiberglass and plastic heating oil tank or plastic lined double wall tanks, again from

Indoor tanks

Fiberglass or Plastic tank, single wall 50 years
Fiberglass or Plastic tank, double wall 50+ years

Outdoor Tanks

Fiberglass or Plastic tank, single wall 50 years
Fiberglass or Plastic tank, double wall 50+ years

As you can see, modern heating oil tanks are built for life – and, in the case of the Granby 2-in-1 Double-Wall heating oil tanks we install, guaranteed for thirty years. All in all, a great investment if you’re ready to upgrade!

Not sure if an upgrade is right for you? Contact Clyde S. Walton today to request a FREE tank inspection and find out about heating oil tank replacement options. If you do choose to upgrade, install a new Granby 2-in-1 by March 31 and save $250!* Contact us today to learn more.

*New quotes only – other terms and conditions may apply. Contact us for details.

A Warm, Safe Holiday Wish From Our Family To Yours

happy holidays pennsylvaniaAs we enter the holiday season and prepare to ring in 2021, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for choosing Clyde S. Walton to keep your family safe, warm and comfortable during this challenging year.

We also want to remind you that, as always, we’re here to keep our reliable services coming – safely and with minimal contact – throughout the holiday season and winter ahead. Whether you need us for a heating oil or propane delivery, routine maintenance for your heating system or heat pump, or an unexpected heating equipment repair or installation, we’ll take care of it and keep the heat on for you.

Thanks again for choosing Walton. From our family to your family, we wish you all the best this holiday season and in 2021!

Why Install A Propane Hearth?

gas fireplace pennsylvaniaNothing says “cozy home” quite like a fireplace – and if you’ve always wanted one but never thought it was a practical investment, we have some good news for you.

It used to be that installing a fireplace meant investing a small fortune in masonry construction, followed by years of wood piles and ash (not to mention annual chimney maintenance). But now there are some great propane hearth alternatives that give you all of the benefits of burning wood – plus a few added ones that no wood-burning hearth can match.

Three Key Benefits Of A Propane Fireplace

With a propane fireplace, you will:

  • Add a hassle-free centerpiece to your favorite room – A propane fireplace brings your family all the relaxation and visual appeal of a wood fire at the push of a button – with none of the set-up, upkeep, and clean-up hassles.
  • Save money by adding supplemental heat – At its heart, a direct-vent propane fireplace is really an attractive space heater – which means it is an efficient heat source that can easily warm an entire room. With that kind of output, you can take your central heat down a few degrees and save money on your overall home energy bills.
  • Consistent, controllable heating – Today’s propane fireplaces are equipped with thermostats and blowers to give you precision temperature control and even, floor-to-ceiling heat that some central heating systems can’t even match.

Propane Fireplace Installations In Bucks County, PA – And Beyond

If you’ve always wanted a hearth but thought it was beyond your reach, consider installing a propane fireplace – it’s more affordable than you think, and you can have it installed in time for winter!

The propane experts at Clyde S. Walton will help you find an option that’s right for you, then install it quickly and safely so you can relax at home this winter, and for many winters to come.

On the fence about a propane fireplace installation in the North Penn area? Now’s a great time to jump over: Contact Clyde S. Walton today to learn how you can get 10 percent off new propane hearth installs of $2,500* and have a cozy night by the fire at your fingertips for the holidays!

*New quotes only. Must mention offer when scheduling estimate. May not be combined with other offers. Expires 1/31/2021.

Five Ways to Make Your Life Easier in the Months Ahead

payment options pennsylvania

We’ve got a lot on our mind these days – even more than usual in our hectic lives – and with all that mental chatter, it’s easy to forget simple things like paying your fuel bill or scheduling a heating oil or propane delivery in Montgomery and Bucks County, PA. On top of that, social distancing is limiting our trips to the bank and post office, which doesn’t help.

In short, we need easier ways to do just about everything.

Fortunately, Clyde S. Walton is here and ready to take at least some of that mental load off, with services that should make at least one part of the next few months run a bit more smoothly. Here are five things you can do to simplify your bill paying and fuel management in the coming weeks and months:

  • Use our online customer portal – Doing business with us has never been easier – just log in to get information about your services, check your account, order fuel, schedule service, and more. Remember to have your account number ready.
  • Choose an EZ-er path – Choose one of our EZ Pay programs and make your bills more predictable in 2020/21. EZ Pay spreads your fuel costs out over 10 or 12 months using an estimated price per gallon; if you choose our market price option, you’ll pay the going rate for fuel on the day you place your order. You can also combine EZ Pay with one of our price protection options for even more peace of mind.
  • Prebuy your fuel – With our Prepay fixed price fuel buying option, you’ll lock in a preseason price for all the fuel you buy. While we can’t guarantee that pre-buying fuel will save you money, fuel prices almost always rise as demand increases later in the season.
  • Sign up for AutoPay – With AutoPay, you’ll never have to think about paying your bill – or paying late fees – again. We’ll set up your account either through your bank via your bank (ACH) or with your credit card (MC, Visa, Discover). Download our AutoPay CC/EFT Authorization form here.
  • Go paperless – Say goodbye to bulky physical records with E-Statements from Walton. All your bills will be sent to your electronically, where they can be safely stored in email folders (don’t worry – we keep them your records on file, so if you ever need them just give us a call). You’ll also help us cut down on paper waste, ink, delivery fuel, and other materials needed to get your bill to you and back to us.

Take advantage of convenient services from Clyde S. Walton that will make the rest of 2020 go a little easier. Contact us today to learn more!

Fall Into Savings From Clyde S. Walton!

heating system rebates pennsylvania

Fall is a great time of year here in Pennsylvania, especially if you like cool crisp weather. But it’s also a great time if you’re into saving money.

And who isn’t?

Thanks to our Rake in the Savings Fall Specials campaign, you could be eligible for up to $3,050 in rebates, plus other savings that will take some of the bite out of winter 2020.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Save up to $50 on a new service plan enrollment* – Your heating system needs routine maintenance to maintain efficiency and perform reliably month after month, year after year. With a Walton Service Plan, you’ll get that routine maintenance, plus other benefits like priority service, discounted repairs and parts, and more – and right now, you’ll get all that for $50 less than you’d normally pay!
  • Save up to $50 on qualifying indoor air quality installations** (UV light, humidifiers, and air cleaners) – Did you know that the air in most homes is four to five times more contaminated with harmful pollutants than outdoor air? That’s bad news with the amount of time we’re spending indoors these COVID-19 days. The good news? You can remove just about all those pollutants with indoor air quality equipment expertly installed by Clyde S. Walton – all for $50 less than usual.
  • Get finance savings and big rebates – Heating systems are built to last – but not to last forever. If your furnace has reached the end of the line, consider replacing it with a new, high efficiency model from Lennox® – expertly installed by the pros at Walton. Do it now and make no payments for 6 months when you finance for as little as $132/month – PLUS receive up to $3,050 in rebates!***

    Get great financing on a new boiler****? We also offer no interest financing if you install a qualifying boiler and pay in full within 12 months – contact us today to learn more.

Stay comfy for less this fall with these discounts and specials from Clyde S. Walton. Don’t wait. These offers remain in effect only until 11/27/20. To learn about more ways we can help you save, contact us today!

*New service plan customers only, please. $40 off new Silver Heat Pump Plan Enrollment. $50 off new Silver Gas or Oil Plan Enrollment.
**Qualifying systems only. Must mention offer when scheduling estimate. Not valid on existing proposals. $50 off humidifier installation. $30 off air cleaner or UV installation.
***Qualifying systems only. Savings amount includes $1,350 Lennox Rebate, $1,200 EAP rebate and $500 Walton Rebate. Must mention offer when scheduling estimate. Not valid on existing proposals. Subject to credit approval. Sales contract must be signed by November 27, 2020 and must be installed by December 4, 2020. Cannot be combined with other offers; other terms & conditions apply. Contact us for details.
**** Subject to credit approval

How To Ease Into The 2020-21 Heating Season

ready for heating season pennsylvania

Don’t look now, but Labor Day is on the way – which means that cool days and nights will soon be making an appearance in Montgomery and Bucks County.

Before that time comes, it’s a good idea to get your house in order – or at least your heating system! Here are three of the best ways to make the transition to fall as seamless as possible in your Pennsylvania home.

Ways to get your HVAC ready for fall:

  1. Sign up for a Walton Service Plan – Routine maintenance from an expert Walton technician will keep your heating equipment working harder for longer, helping you to keep energy bills low and avoid costly heating repairs.
    With Service Plan coverage from Clyde S. Walton – available for your heating oil, propane, or natural gas system, with additional coverage available for your heat pump and water heater – you can rest easy knowing that your heating system is ready for the rigors of a long fall and winter.
  2. Enroll in EZ Pay – An unexpectedly high heating bill can be a real problem, especially around of your holidays – but with Walton’s EZ Pay plan, you’ll enjoy the same manageable payment every month. If you want even more peace of mind, sign up for EZ Pay with Price Cap protection, which puts an upper limit on your fuel price while also enabling you to take advantage of drops in national oil and propane prices. Contact us today to learn more about this great option.
  3. Consider high-efficiency equipment upgrades – Today’s high-efficiency heating systems are smarter and more efficient than heating systems of the past. If your equipment is more than 12 years old – even if it has been well maintained – it could make sense to replace rather than repair your heating equipment when the inevitable heating problems start to occur.

Don’t stress out this heating season – contact Walton today to sign up for great heating service in Montgomery and Bucks County, PA!

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