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Written on: January 25, 2016

Ken Silver

Q: I have an old gas furnace and central air conditioner. Should I consider replacing them with a heat pump?

A: This is a good option. Thanks to innovations in technology, heat pumps such as the Hyper-Heating Inverter® from Lennox, can now keep a home much warmer. Older heat pumps become ineffective when outdoor temperatures reach the freezing point (32˚F). A heat pump keeps you cool in the summer as well, pulling heat out of your home just like a central air conditioning system.

Another possibility is a hybrid system, which allows you to rely on the heat pump to warm your home most of the time while using a gas furnace as a backup system should you feel the need for supplemental heat. A hybrid system with an electric heat pump can be as much as three times more efficient than a high-efficiency gas furnace alone.

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