Spring 2019 Newsletter

Chris and Scott Walton

A Warm Welcome

Dear Friends,

We’re very excited to have all the great customers and employees from G. Nase and Son with us now. And we’re honored that the Nase family trusted us to take care of everyone. A warm welcome to all!

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Pet dog

Do You Own a Pet?

Nearly 84 million U.S. households include either a dog or a cat (or both!). We love our furry friends, but their dander is a leading cause of allergic reactions.

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Pricing plan

Pricing and Payment Plans to Suit You

Understanding your options can help you feel better about which pricing and payment plan is right for you. Whatever you choose, we offer year-round open enrollment.

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Family safety

Great News About Oil and Propane

Heating oil and propane are safe and efficient home heating fuels that keep getting better. Here are some reasons to feel good about your options.

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Prevent summer meltdown

Prevent Summer Meltdowns

Nothing seems to spoil a summer day faster than an A/C system meltdown.

If you have a Silver Cooling, Silver Heat Pump or Silver Gas Plan with us, you can keep your cool.

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G. Nase and Son

A Positive Change

During their years of service with G. Nase and Son, members of the team always held firm to the most important commitment: doing whatever it takes to deliver 100% satisfaction to all customers.

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Baseball glove

Swing into Spring!

Take advantage of our hard-hitting offers this season!

Base Hit: SAVE up to $50

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