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Fall 2019 Newsletter

Generations of Service

Dear Friends,

With the legacy of our previous generations and a solid foundation of dependable employees, our principled approach to conducting our business has built Walton into one of the area’s leading fuel delivery and service providers.

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Warm Up, Save Money

You could see real savings by updating your heating system. A new, high-efficiency System 2000 boiler or Thermo Pride furnace could lower your annual fuel costs by 20% or more — without sacrificing your comfort.

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Win a New iPad

Here are two easy ways to earn $25 — and perhaps even win a new iPad!

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Join Our Technician Photo Contest

The next time a Walton’s technician comes to your home, snap a photo of them in action. Selfies of you and your tech are encouraged!

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Our Heating Oil Is Ultra-Clean-Burning

The oil heat industry continues to undergo a revolution that is significantly improving oil heat’s efficiency and cleanliness, thanks in part to vast reductions of sulfur levels.

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How Healthy Is Your Home?

Many of our customers are surprised when they learn that the quality of the air inside their home can contain more pollution than outdoor air.

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Out, Out, Brief Candle

Are you seeing dirty streaks and smudges on your walls, ceilings, furniture and other places in your home?

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Baby on Board

This summer, we invited our sales coordinator, Nicole Glase, to pioneer our Bring Your Baby to Work pilot program, which we hope to implement company-wide soon.

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Darkness Comes Early — Be Extra Vigilant

With daylight saving time ending in early November, our team would like to share a few safety tips for this time of year.

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Propane Hearths: Heat Without the Hassle

Nothing adds more cozy charm to a home than a crackling fireplace. Propane hearths add all the ambience — and efficient supplemental heat — without the mess, smoke and ash of a wood-burning fireplace.

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Ask the Expert

Q: When is the best time to get a heating tune-up?

A: You can schedule a heating tune-up at any time of the year except between September 1 and November 30.

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Praise from a Longtime Customer

Sam W., of Lansdale, first became a Walton customer in the 1970s and we’re honored he has trusted his family’s comfort to us for all those years. Even though he has moved a few times, he has always stuck with us.

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